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Custom Printing

Having an item custom printed not only allows you to create an image for your company, but it is also [...]


Hot Cups

Packs of paper hot cups are perfect for your home, office or small event. Our Packs of paper hot cups [...]


Cold Cups

Our clear cold cups are fully compostable. They are made from Ingeo (a plant-based polymer known as PLA) and are made using materials grown right [...]


Sugarcane Clamshells

Crown sugarcane clamshells are 100% compostable. Our sugarcane clamshells are made from bagasse, which is a bi-product of [...]


Plates & Bowls

Our sugarcane plates & bowls are 100% compostable, made from sugarcane fiber a fully sustainable [...]


Non-Profit Discounts offers a 10% discount to both non-profit organizations and schools located in lower 48 [...]